Mailing List Message #11
From: Ricardo Parada <>
Subject: WOUnit
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2021 12:50:03 -0500
To: <>
Hi everyone,

We recently updated our source code from an old version of wonder to the latest version. Our unit tests were using wounit-1.2.1.jar and are now failing because MockEditingContext calls ERXArrayUtilities.arrayMinusArray(NSArray,NSArray) which under the new Wonder it now takes two Collection arguments instead of two NSArray arguments. I get a NoSuchMethodError exception for ERXArrayUtilities.arrayMinusArray(NSArray,NSArray).

I suspect all I have to do is update my WOUnit jar.  

I see on GitHub that Henrique has WOUnit 1.4 in source form. Does anybody know if it’s available in .jar format?  

Thank you
Ricardo Parada

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