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From: OCsite <>
Subject: Re: [WO-DEV] Cannot determine primary key for entity
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 15:20:59 +0200
To: WebObjects & WOnder Development <>
P.S. When is set to DEBUG, it seems the offending fetch looks like this:

15:03:36.633 DEBUG  === Begin Internal Transaction       //log:NSLog [WorkerThread1]
15:03:36.633 DEBUG  evaluateExpression: <com.webobjects.jdbcadaptor.FrontbasePlugIn$FrontbaseExpression: "SELECT ... t0."C_UID", ... FROM "T_RECORD" t0 WHERE t0."C_IMPORT_ID" = 1003547" withBindings: >       //log:NSLog [WorkerThread1]
15:03:37.155 DEBUG 5749 row(s) processed       //log:NSLog [WorkerThread1]
15:03:37.196 DEBUG  === Commit Internal Transaction       //log:NSLog [WorkerThread1]

A number of times it runs all right; then something like this happens:

15:05:48.528 DEBUG  === Begin Internal Transaction       //log:NSLog [WorkerThread5]
15:05:48.528 DEBUG  evaluateExpression: <com.webobjects.jdbcadaptor.FrontbasePlugIn$FrontbaseExpression: "SELECT ... t0."C_UID", ... FROM "T_RECORD" t0 WHERE t0."C_IMPORT_ID" = 1003547" withBindings: >       //log:NSLog [WorkerThread5]
15:05:49.937 DEBUG fetch canceled       //log:NSLog [WorkerThread5]
15:05:49.937 DEBUG 164 row(s) processed       //log:NSLog [WorkerThread5]
15:05:49.941 DEBUG  === Commit Internal Transaction       //log:NSLog [WorkerThread5]
15:05:49.941 INFO  Database Exception occured: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot determine primary key for entity DBRecord from row: {... uid = <$Null>; ... }       //log:er.transaction.adaptor.Exceptions [WorkerThread5]

Any idea what might go wrong and how to fix it? Thanks!

On 11. 6. 2021, at 13:37, OCsite <> wrote:

Hi there,

just bumped into another weird EOF case. A pretty plain fetch caused a “Cannot determine primary key for entity” exception. The row contains a number of columns whose values makes sense, some null, some non-null, with one exception — the primary key, modelled as an attribute uid, is indeed a null, thus the exception makes a perfect sense.

How can this happen?

IllegalArgumentException: Cannot determine primary key for entity DBRecord from row: {... uid = <$Null>; ... }
  at com.webobjects.eoaccess.EODatabaseChannel._fetchObject(
     ... skipped 2 stack elements
  at com.webobjects.eocontrol.EOObjectStoreCoordinator.objectsWithFetchSpecification(
  at com.webobjects.eocontrol.EOEditingContext.objectsWithFetchSpecification(
  at er.extensions.eof.ERXEC.objectsWithFetchSpecification(
     ... skipped 1 stack elements
  at com.webobjects.eocontrol.EOObjectStoreCoordinator.objectsForSourceGlobalID(
  at com.webobjects.eocontrol.EOEditingContext.objectsForSourceGlobalID(
  at er.extensions.eof.ERXEC.objectsForSourceGlobalID(
     ... skipped 1 stack elements
  at com.webobjects.eoaccess.EOAccessArrayFaultHandler.completeInitializationOfObject(
  at com.webobjects.eocontrol._EOCheapCopyMutableArray.willRead(
  at com.webobjects.eocontrol._EOCheapCopyMutableArray.count(

Just in case it happens to be important (I believe it is not), the problem happens at row

        ... =eolist.representedObject.records().isEmpty()?...:...

where records just returns storedValueForKey('records'), self-evidently a fault, which fires to fetch the rows.

Searching the Web, all I've found is this (linked from here), which does not really help :) Truth is, some background threads do run at the moment; they are comparatively plain though and I can't see why they should cause the problem for the R/R thread. All they do is to

1. get their own OSC from the pool, making sure they never get the same OSC normal sessions have
2. create a new ERXEC in this OSC
3. get a local instance of an object in the EC

=== this is the code of the background thread; a number of those runs:
        def store
        for (def pool=ERXObjectStoreCoordinatorPool._pool();;) {
            if (store!=_sessionosc) break // there's one OSC for all sessions, stored in _sessionosc
        return eo.localInstanceIn(ERXEC.newEditingContext(store)).numberOfMasterRowsWithoutOwner()

and the method simply fetches:

    int numberOfMasterRowsWithoutOwner {
        def mymasterrow=EOQualifier.qualifierWithQualifierFormat("importObject.dataBlock = %@ AND recordOwner = NULL",[this] as NSA)
        return ERXEOControlUtilities.objectCountWithQualifier(this.editingContext, 'DBRecord', mymasterrow)

Most time it works properly. Occasionally — rather rarely — the problem above happens. Can you see what am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot,

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