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From: Walter Lo Nigro <>
Subject: Problem with Entity Modeler perspective
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2021 17:04:20 +0200
To: <>
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Dear Listers,

after many years I just came back to WO and Project Wonder. Installed latest Eclipse (4.20.0), installed WOLips, used WOInstaller etc. all on MacOS High Sierra.

Everything seems to work, I checked some old projects and, apart from being forced to change Eclipse Java compiler compliance from 11 to 1.8 and some minor tweaks, everything is fine but...

Now, I am not able to open any EOModel for the life of me, no matter how I try. I have checked file associations in Eclipse preferences, and everything seems to be OK.
But when I open an EOModel, a new window correctly opens with the Entity Modeler Perspective, but all it reports is “There is no active editor that provides an outline” in the Outline frame, and “The active part does not provide properties) in the Properties one.

I understand this isn’t strictly a WO-PW issue, but perhaps some has already encountered this problem and hopefully found a fix.

Thank you

***  Walter Lo Nigro, Trieste, Italy  -  ***
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