Mailing List Message #466
From: Paul Hoadley <>
Subject: Re: WOLips bugfixes and new features planning
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2023 11:35:19 +0930
To: Maik Musall <>
Cc: WebObjects & WOnder Development <>, WebObjects-Dev <>
Hi Maik,

On 25 Jul 2023, at 18:54, Maik Musall <> wrote:

well, aiming to update WOLips “just” to address those issues comes down to the same problem of finding someone to do it.

Understood. Is this something Ralf could handle? (I'm going into this blind—I have no idea what the problem is, nor whether Ralf is willing and able, I just recall he has fixed API issues in the past. Hi Ralf!)

But indeed we had someone contacting us about that, but before we go ahead and actually throw money that way I’d be more comfortable receiving more input from everyone about the Eclipse vs. IntelliJ question.

My personal preference would be to stay with Eclipse, but that's based solely on Eclipse being the tool I know. I would be happy to migrate to IntelliJ if that was the consensus.

Paul Hoadley

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