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From: Markus Ruggiero (rucotec) <>
Subject: [Q] - EOQualifier based on object's class/entity?
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2023 12:30:54 +0200
To: WebObjects & WOnder Development <>
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I have a hierarchy of entities like so:
A is the super entity, B extends A (A is not abstract)
I have records in the database representing objects of both types.

Creating qualifiers for any value is easy with ERXKey. But what if I want to limit the query to only A objects or only B objects? The problem here is that all Bs are also As. Filtering As might thus also return some B objects.

I would want to create a qualifier based on the object’s absolute class.

Currently I handle this by including the qualifying field for the classes (single table inheritance). This works but seems to be kind of ugly. Is there a better more elegant way?

Probably more of academical interest.....


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