Mailing List Message #6
From: Paul Hoadley <>
Subject: Wonder 7.2 release
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2021 19:40:14 +1030
To: <>

I made this announcement on Slack, but for the benefit of the new list archives, here's the pre-release spiel:

Wonder 7.1 was released on 1 January 2020. There were a trickle of commits throughout 2020, perhaps most notably Hugi Thordarson's fix for an XXE vulnerability in ERRest's XML parser. While some people track the latest SNAPSHOT builds, others don't, so it's probably time for a formal 7.2 release. Unless there are any objections, I will roll out 7.2 next week.

And here's the post-release spiel:

And release notes:

• WebObjects download URLs updated in WebObjectsInstaller class of WOInstall utility. #925
• Arguments to ERXKey's before() and after() methods made generic. (They previously expected NSTimestamps.) #926
• of() factory methods added to NSDictionary, NSArray and NSSet. #933
• Optimized EOAttribute to increase the access speed to the overwritten characteristics map, using less heap memory. #934

Bug fixes
• Formatting issue fixed in ERXNumberFormater. #924

• XXE vulnerability fixed in ERRest's XML parser. #937

Paul Hoadley

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