Mailing List Message #111
From: Mark Gowdy <>
Subject: Re: [WO-DEV] CallActionMethod
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2021 10:47:20 +0000
To: WebObjects & WOnder Development <>

AjaxProxy is your friend here:

(note: this is free typed stuff, so probably won’t work as is)

<wo:AjaxProxy name = "jsonrpc" proxyName = "jsonProxy" proxy = "$jsonCalProxy”/>

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8”>
jsonStr = jsonrpc.jsonProxy. getDatesJson();
jsonrpc.jsonProxy. setSomeThing(‘bob’);
public JSONMapProxy jsonCalProxy = new JSONCalProxy();
// AJAX PROXY (Inner Class)
public class JSONCalProxy {
public String getDatesJson(){
return <whatever as string (or json string)>
public void setSomeThing(String thing){
_thing = thing;


Hopefully this will be enough to get you started.

Not sure about the ‘action’ side of things, context() appear to have various methods for that, it definitely has directActionURL methods:


> On 25 Mar 2021, at 09:55, Michele Varano <> wrote:
>> Hello all
>> I have a JavaScript based calendar that accesses a <div id='calendar'></div> in HTML.  The calendar(JavaScript) can be customized with custom data or given functions.
>> Now I need to call an Action Method by a button "onclick JavaScript ".
>> My question is how do I build the Script code / URL to access the method, using Ajax? Is there support in Wonder to have non WO generated user interface elements making Ajax calls back into my application?
>> Many Thanks
>> Michele

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