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From: Markus Ruggiero (rucotec) <>
Subject: Re: [WO-DEV] Validation question
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2022 11:29:58 -0500
To: WebObjects & WOnder Development <>
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Called 3 times on the same object or once on 3 different objects?
Called by your code or called from any of the validateForXXX methods?
Is this D2W on form submission and then later on on save again?

Put a breakpoint on that method (you might want to override it for this purpose) and check the call stack (and object id, obviously) like

public Object validateAccountNumber(Object aValue) {
    return super.validateAccountNumber(aValue);

Hope this helps you further.


On 10 Jan 2022, at 08:30, Theodore Petrosky <> wrote:

I have an attribute accountNumber with a validation method:

public Object validateAccountNumber(Object aValuethrows ValidationException {

As I test things, I stuck a log that prints to the console  “validateAccountNumber called”. I am just checking on things working.

What I see in the console is:

validateAccountNumber called
validateAccountNumber called
validateAccountNumber called

Why is it called three times? I am sure the answer will be obvious, but I don’t see it.


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