Mailing List Message #422
From: Aaron Rosenzweig <>
Subject: Maven: Properties not available until late in app startup sequence
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2023 09:32:12 -0500
To: WebObjects & WOnder Development <>
Hi Everyone,

There is a difference in the startup processing of properties when I launch our app in Eclipse using ANT vs Maven. Anyone know why this might be?

Our properties file has defined: er.extensions.ERXClassDescription.factoryClass

Which is supposed to direct this call: ERXEntityClassDescription.registerDescription()

But when it is time to register, the following returns null: ERXProperties.stringForKey("er.extensions.ERXClassDescription.factoryClass”)

Later, such as in installPatches() or finishInitilization(), the property has a value. So the app does find the property but not in the early part when its really needed.

I have a hunch that the order of frameworks loading is brittle and causes this behavior. We have several apps which share a “core” framework which is where the Properties file is stored and makes the declaration. I think with ANT, our core framework initialized before ERExtensions and now, with Maven, the opposite is true. I don’t know this for a fact but it’s what I suspect.

If I redeclare the property in a particular apps Properties file, then ERXEntityClassDescription.registerDescription() can determine the override. It’s a temporary workaround but it means I need to duplicate all the properties that used to be in CORE by putting them into each app's properties.
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