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Thanks Ramsey, that’s exactly what I was looking for.
Great stuff

On 5 Feb 2023, at 18:12, Ramsey Gurley <> wrote:

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Subject: [WO-DEV] Java Enums in D2W

Quick question:

I have some fields defined in the EOModel as Java Enum. This is kind of a toOne relationship. How do I use these in the rules? I’d like to display the available enum values as a popup.

pageConfiguration = ‘EditTextblock’ => displayPropertyKeys = (....’layoutHint’...)
with layoutHint being defined in the EOModel as my.project.E_LayoutHint (Java Enum) with possible values E_LayoutHint.NONE, E_LayoutHint.LEFT_COLUMN, E_LayoutHint.RIGHT_COLUMN  etc. in the Java file.

Out of the box D2W displays the layoutHint property with an ERD2WDisplayString, same for pageConfiguration = ‘CreateTextblock’

Can (ER)D2W handle this already or do I have to create my own property level component?


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